Hi, I’m Mashal

I'm a writer by passion, entrepreneur by experience, and techie by education. I love being in the midst of startups, cool tech, writing, and good people.

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I write two newsletters: mashal.substack.com somegoodreads.substack.com

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👩🏻‍💻 Snapshot of work I’ve done


This year, I’ve given myself the freedom to explore projects that I find intellectually stimulating. I was an Affiliate Researcher in Ethereum Foundation’s Summer of Protocols program, and a co-researcher for the State of Web3 Grants report.

Managing Partner

Milestone Ventures, Location – (2021 - Present)

Milestone Ventures is a 360 end-to-end consultancy specializing in growth, community building, and audience building.


VenturePunk*, (2022)*

I’ve worked as a COO at a web3 product studio, VenturePunk. During my time I launched their newsletter, and was taking care of operations around internal projects and public projects such as Skylab and Santa.fm.